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9 Dec 2009

Bandicooting spuds!

Hobartions: Time to bandicoot a few new potatoes for your eating pleasure.
Category: General
Posted by: christina
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If you planted Bintje potatoes in August this year, chances are you can bandicoot a few for eating now. "Bandicooting" potatoes is when you dig down through the mulch and surface soil to find a few potatoes, and pull them out, without disturbing the whole plant too much. The roots left in the soil will continue to form potatoes, and you can do your main harvest in a few months when the tops have died back.

Other varieties might be producing some edible sized potatoes now too. You can start bandicooting any variety once its finished flowering. Bintje's don't seem to flower however, so i just wait till the tops start to look a bit yellowish and raggedy.

Here's last night's haul!

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