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30 Jan 2010

FIMBY Garden Tour

Gorgeous weather. Inspiring people. Our first FIMBY garden tour was a HIT!
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Posted by: christina
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About 22 intrepid gardeners gathered today, road maps in hand, and set off on the whistle stop tour of a few FIMBY gardens. Now, we all know that gardeners are the best people, so you can imagine the conversations, laughter, sharing and yummy food that was to be had. It was a stunning day, and we all learned heaps through seeing a range of different gardens growing vegies in wildly different conditions.

A big thankyou to Elizabeth and Chris, David and Penelope, Rosemary and Brian, Thomas and Wendy for hosting us and being so hospitable with us all rampaging in your gardens! More photos to come soon on the gallery page.

Stay tuned for our next tour, most likely focussing on the channel region, to be held in a few months.

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