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14 Feb 2010

Sweet sweet corn

Its the first sweet corn of the season for Valentine's Day dinner!
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Posted by: christina
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How do you know when your sweet corn is ready to pick?

Well, first of all the silks at the top of the cob will have turned brown and dried a bit. Then check the feel of the cob by giving it a gentle hand shake.

You'll eventually get a feel for when they are ready. But to start with, you might need to take a peek at the developing kernels.

Carefully peel back one or two of the husk leaves and then use your thumbnail to slit the remaining husks about half way down the cob. Just make a slit big enough to be able to see a few of the kernels. If they're yellow, and ooze a milky juice when you poke one, they're ready!

Don't leave the cobs too long, or the milky kernels will become hard and starchy, and then you've missed the sweetest harvest.

As soon as you pick the cobs the sugars in the kernels will start to convert to starch. So you get the sweetest corn by picking the cobs just before you're ready to eat them. Some people say have the water boiling and RUN to the kitchen, peeling the cobs as you go!

For me, my favorite way to eat sweet corn is standing in the garden, eating the cobs fresh off the plant!

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