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7 Jun 2010

Tread Lightly Festival

We rubbed shoulders with Peter Cundall, Costa, Tino and a host of friends and colleagues at the Botanical Gardens yesterday.
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Posted by: christina

It was a very cold and sometimes wet day, but that didn't deter hardy visitors to the fantastic Tread Lightly Festival held at the Botanical Gardens in Hobart.

Lots of locals, customers, friends and family dropped by our stall in the Organic / Community Garden tent, making it a very sociable day. We loved being in amongst it all, and were parked right next to a very groovy chicken coop and run made from recycled pallets and a trampoline base.

We gave Costa (from SBS show "Costa's garden odessey") one of our cheeky "Kiss my Artichoke" badges which he is now proudly wearing!

A big thanks to Ben and Marcus and other organisers who made space for FIMBY at the last minute! Congratulations on a great day.

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