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21 Jul 2010

Pruning workshop

It was cold and sunny, full of learning, and loads of fun!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

We had a great day with 10 lucky FIMBY customers at the first of our regular workshops for FIMBY network members. The pruning workhsop in late June was presented by the Botanical Gardens teaching staff, so we had loads of free standing and espaliered fruit trees and berries to look at, discuss, and practice on. Presenter Nathan (below at left) was kept busy answering questions from the gang, and kindly donated a bunch of golden raspberries to each participant to take home and plant. We also scrounged up lots of red currant cuttings after Marcus showed us how to prune and tidy up one of these plants.

A huge thankyou to Nathan and Marcus for a fascinating day.

They must have liked us at the RTBG, because the following week we were invited at short notice to provide a group of people for a free workshop that would be filmed as part of a Stateline TV program. We put the word out, and assembled an enthusiastic bunch the following day. The workshop was excellent - all about hot composting - and some of our FIMBY folks are now TV stars! To view the story, CLICK HERE.

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