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4 Feb 2011

Didn't we have a loverly time . ..

FIMBY garden tours are so great! all the best people come!
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Posted by: christina

I mean - just look at all those beaming faces! We took this shot at the botanical gardens, where we stopped between customer gardens on our garden tour last saturday. It was well worth a visit to see the netting and trellising systems they are using in the small fruits areas. Also we were delighted to see block plantings of sweet corn and beautiful big structures crowded with scarlet runner beans in amongst the ornamental borders.

Before the RTBG we were at Disa and Scott's place, all oooohin and aahhhing at their incredible huge ancient prolific espaliered pear tree. After the RTBG we stopped at Susan's place and tasted her cumquats, her french sorrel, her tarragon, and marvelled at the productivity of her small sunny patch.

Then lunch at Christina's was a chaotic and happy affair. Vegie curry, pesto from Hazel's parsley, lots of bread and some herbed chicken skewered on rosemary stalks from Disa and Scott. Plus some of my cherry jam (or "cherries in syrup" as we called it).And DIsa's INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS coconut flour chocolate brownies.

It was a great day, affirming our belief that gardeners are the best people! We so enjoyed catching up with some of our original Garden Craft folks that we haven't seen for a while, and mixing with some of our newer customers and team members. Some so new that they aren't quite walking yet!

If you'd like to see some more pics, and a narrative of the tour from Disa's perspective, check out her BLOG. I'm a complete addict!

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