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16 Jul 2011


My little sister's friend has a beautiful garden with, among other things, a Yuzu tree!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

"What's a Yuzu tree?" I hear you cry! Well, its a sort of Japanese citrus fruit like a small lemon. Its rind and juice are mostly used in culinary ways, and it has a lemony, mandarin-y sort of fragrance. We've heard that its not permitted to import these intriguing fruit into Australia, and I don't know of any other growers around other than a guy in northern NSW. So for the time being the location of this exotic supply will be a closely guarded secret!

Below, some of the yuzu (what's the plural I wonder??) together with cumquats, and some yuzu and cumquat marmalade, available from the FIMBY stall at the Tas Farm Gate market on the first Sunday of each month.

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