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21 Mar 2012

Beautiful borlottis

Autumn equinox = harvest the borlotti beans. and they're BEAUTIFUL!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Dried bean seeds are a great way to store nutritious protein rich bounty from the summer garden. Some varieties, like borlottis (below) are grown especially for drying (although fresh green pods of borlottis are yummy if picked before the seed start to swell up inside).

Even with regular picking of green, purple, yellow or stripey beans, its common to miss a few, and if left too long, most beans become a bit too mature to be tender and crunchy as a bean 'pod'. If this happens, you can leave the beans on the bush to finish maturing and develop the seeds inside the pod. Any sort of bean seed is great to harvest, from big purply-black scarlet runners, glossy black or brown seeds from butter beans, white 'cannelini' - like beans from blue lake, or pale mottled purpley seeds from purple king.

Just make sure the seeds are spread out to dry after podding before you store them like any other dried bean that you might buy. When you're ready to eat them, try our Tuscan bean recipe!

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