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9 Oct 2012

Super Tuscan!

No, this is not a wine. Its an 8 foot tall Tuscan kale plant!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Peter and Jenny have a lovely compact sunny garden in South Hobart. In small gardens its good to use vertical space, right? Well . . . . they have grown a very VERY vertical kale! Its taken a long time, but its still bearing harvestable leaves.

Now, it might be a bit hard to judge the size of this monster from the photo, so we've included another one below with Peter standing next to the plant, for scale.

We love this garden - its full of self seeding lettuces, chicory, coriander, rocket, tatsoi, broad beans, peas. And now that the mighty kale is flowering, there will be forests of new generation kale plants coming up for yonks too!

Here's the scale shot - not photo shopped we promise!

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