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20 Nov 2012

Low tech netting support

Don't you love a low tech, cheap system?
Category: General
Posted by: christina

We've experimented alot with netting systems to keep birds and possums out of backyard vegie gardens (see some examples in our news story HERE). However one of the drawbacks of the kerilea hoop system that we use alot is that the growing space is relatively limited. Tall things like climbing peas can't fit under a low arch system.

We've recently tried some low tech, easy and effective setups, as shown below. Our client, Sue from Mt Nelson, and Christina set this up in an hour or two this morning.

We used sturdy long bamboo poles (12 - 18mm thick and 2.1m long) and 25mm black polypipe. In raised beds like Sue's its easy to poke the bamboo in most of the way, then slide pieces of poly pipe over the tops to form an arch. The nice thing about this setup is that there is plenty of room for tall things like tomatoes, pea tipi's and climbing beans to grow. We just hammered in tacks to secure the netting , and Sue can unhook the ones in the front easily to plant, pick and weed the beds. Yay low tech!

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