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13 Aug 2013

When life gives you lemons . . .

Make lemon curd. YUMMM!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Its wonderful to be harvesting SOMETHING in late winter in Tassie - after the broccoli and kale and carrots and winter lettuce are finished. This time of year we are getting lemons by the bucket load. My small meyer lemon tree is bounteous indeed, so much so that I have many small lemons this season, compared to fewer large ones last time around.

What to do with the bounty? Its pretty easy to divest yourself of bulk lemons. Swapping at local coffee shops is a good one. Giving away to neighbours in exchange for chicken minding duties is another. But maybe the most delicious is making LEMON CURD. Ohhh so good!

Use whatever recipe is your favorite - I use a slightly modified Stephanie Alexander one. Main thing is to strain the eggs after lightly whisking before adding to the butter / sugar / lemon juice mixture, and cook gently. And if you don't tell everyone that you're making a batch, you can eat the whole lot out of the jars before anyone knows! Not that I'd do that. oh no. absolutely not. well, maybe only once.

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