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29 Sep 2013

Newsletters coming to an inbox near you

After a long break, our FIMBY newsletters are now cranking again!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

We used to issue a newsletter called HARVEST once a month or so, and they're all available on our Newsletters page, so you can go back for a browse any time. Then there was quite a long break . . . while we all did other things, including becoming a grandma a few times over (Juliet), helping to build a wind farm in far NE Tas (Christina), training to be a builder (Danny), becoming a mum (Hazel), getting stuck into the local community garden (Claire), building a career as a sought after physio (Ben).

Meanwhile FIMBY trickled along, with the jobs still coming in gently, and the spirit kept alive and nurtured.

Now, Christina is back from wind farming, and ready to get stuck back into back yard vegie farming full on again! As part of this new focus, we're putting out a new email format newsletter that's easier to read on your tablet or iphone. Its coming out approximately once per fortnight at the moment. Each one will be posted on our Newsletter page of course, but you can also subscribe to our network and have them sent to your inbox as they roll off the computer.

To subscribe, just CLICK HERE and follow the prompts.

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