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28 Dec 2013

Tastes Great!

FIMBY has helped set up a kids vegie patch at the Taste this year.
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Posted by: christina

It was the first day of Tasmania's Taste Festival on the Hobart waterfront today. A very warm day, with tthousands of people strolling around Salamanca and trying out the delicacies on offer at the Taste shed. Blissful!

An earthy oasis in this bustle was the Taste vegie patch - a pop up garden organised by FIMBY with vegies grown in pots by the Hobart city council nursery guys.

Its right next to the kids kitchen, and later in the festival some of the guest celebrity chefs will use some of the potatoes, beans, carrots, beetroot, hebs and leafy greens to make some super fresh food with the kids.

The vegie patch is also serving as a focus for earthy workshops about making compost, keeping chooks, watering, mulching, propogating plants, and much more. Today FIMBY ran a "garden tour" with lots of tasting and talking with an enthralled group of adults and kids.

Big thanks to Karyn Rendall from Hobart City Council for inviting us to be involved, and to Phil Garrett for supplying the groovy garden beds. They are for sale, so if you feel like taking one home at the end of the Taste festival, give Christina a call!

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