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      Date: 22 Aug 2009
     Title: Its ENORMOUS
Christina plucks up the courage to cut into her blue hubbard pumpkin . . .

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Christina only got the one pumpkin off the blue hubbard that she grew last summer. It was a whopper! So after mustering a sheaf of pumpkin recipes, she made the cut and started cooking. Here's the list of what she cooked:

- roast pumpkin (FANTASTIC flavour!)

- pumpkin soup (thai style)

- pumpkin, leek and mushroom tart

- pumkin, spinach and walnut salad

- pumpkin bread

And i then roasted the rest to use later. I've since put it on toasted foccacia as a sort of spread - delicious! What great food is pumpkin!

If you'd like to see some of the recipes used, go to our  Recipe Page.


I wish i had photographed the tart . . . it was sensational!