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8 Jan 2010

Hawaiian help

We've discovered a sister organisation in Hawaii - and been getting some help from them here in Hobart!
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Posted by: christina
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Ever heard of convergent evolution? We've just experienced it first hand!


Shelley (left) lives in Hawaii and works with Foodscapes, which is an organisation that does very similar work to FIMBY, except in the tropics. We recently met Shelley and Talia (right), also from Hawaii but now based in Hobart, and its been amazing to compare notes and see how similar our two businesses are.

The girls have been working on some garden establishment jobs with us this week, and they know how to weild a mattock and shovel!


We mentioned in our recent Newsletter that we'd be keen to work with some girls (as well as our loyal and regular bunch of blokes), and VOILA here they are!

Check out Foodscapes lovely website for a look at what they do.

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