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21 Mar 2010


David grew a big pumpkin. A REALLY big pumpkin.
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Posted by: christina
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David's garden at the beautiful historic property of Cleburne is very sunny, and his zucchini's, squash, cucumber and various pumpkins all flourished beautifully this summer. There were many enormous cucurbits vying for a spot in the washing basket. But clearly the attention grabber was this "Dill's Atlantic Giant" pumpkin!

They say if you want to grow a really big one, make sure that there is only one pumpkin left to develop on the vine. David had several small ones, but they spontaneously fell off the vine (true!) and this prodigy developed.

David says he did nothing special to get this one so big, but we think the secret might be the Alpaca poo from the beautiful creatures in the next paddock. David is a champion compost maker (the 'paca poo goes into that too) and naturally such a big pumpkin needs plenty of water to develop.

Next year we'll take out the Bream Creek show for sure!

For more information about the wonderful Cleburne Homestead, a stunning B&B run by David and Penelope, go to

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