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11 Sep 2010


I promise never to complain about Tasmanian slugs again.
Category: General
Posted by: christina

As some of you know, Christina was in the US for a few weeks recently. In Portland, Oregon, and the weather was warm and balmy. I was staying at a lovely retreat centre, and they watered their gardens each night . . . so every morning on the way to breakfast, we'd see these ENORMOUS slugs slouching across the pathways. YUK. The slug in the pic (taken by my colleague Simone) was 16cm long. Thats as long as my hand from base of my palm to tip of my middle finger. HUGE.

So, I promise, no more complaints from me about the bastards who eat my pea and cucurbit seedlings. They're so puny looking compared to the good ole american super-sized muscly molluscs we saw in Portland!


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