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5 Oct 2010

Tomato time approaches

As Hobart Show Day approaches, tomato fever heightens
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Most people in Southern Tas know the folklore about not planting tomatoes before Hobart Show Day. This is because they are frost sensitive (the tomatoes, not the people of Southern Tas) and most frosts should be over in non alpine areas by late October.

We don't think its necessary to rush the toms in though - great yeilds can still be had if you plant during November, and even December. If you're in a cold area, look for short season or early varieites, and keep a weather eye out for cold nights. If the forecast looks grim, you can pile straw, fleece or bubble wrap around and over your tender little seedlings to protect them from the cold.

For our Network members, here is a list of the varieties that we're growing this season. You can let us know what you'd like us to bring along tihs month and next for planting at your place. If you'd like to try some different types that are not on our list, you can try the Tarremah school list. The order form has disappeared from thier website, but you could try calling them on 6229 7007.

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