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27 Oct 2010

Raising rabbits for meat

We've organised a workshop for people to find out about raising rabbits in their backyards. Vegetarians don't bother clicking on 'more'!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Food in my backyard can include furred food too! If you like to eat meat but are not very comfortable with much of our meat industry, you might consider raising your own meat. Small livestock like chickens and rabbits could be a way to have meat that is sourced from well cared for animals that are respected and looked after humanely.

The workshop will be held at the property of Jayn and Johann Iten, of Farmgro rabbits, at 258 Sunday Hill Rd, Petchey's Bay. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP FLYER.

Contact Christina for directions.

When: Sat 27th November, 11am to 2pm

Cost: $50 FIMBY Network members, $70 non members (who are very welcome)

This litter, pictured above at about 6 days old, were born in Christina's backyard in September. They're growing fast and mercifully are getting less cute by the day! The workshop will cover breeding, feed, housing, health and harvest. Jayn and Johann have some beautiful bucks and does available as breeding stock ready to be put to work. Contact Christina on 0437 009 792 for further details.

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