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10 Dec 2010

The Queen of Lettuce

Yvette has more lettuce than you can poke a stick at - and loves it!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Yvette and Stew were among our very first FIMBY customers; we worked with them in our pilot phase and helped design their new vegie garden. Now two years later the transformation of their backyard has continued, and they have a gorgeous one year old daughter, Stephanie, who enjoys garden vegies in her meals too.

One thing that hasn't changed is that Yvette has always been the Queen of Lettuce! Her beetroot is looking pretty good too! and the big sturdy sunflowers are self sown seedlings from last year's crop.

One way to avoid a lettuce boom and bust cycle is to plant a pinch of seeds in a 'nursery' area every 3 weeks or so. Even a short seed row of around 20cm will yeild many many baby lettuce seedlings, which can then be transplanted around the garden to where-ever you want them.

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