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20 Apr 2011

Tomatoes - do the maths.

Claire wanted to grow lots of tomatoes. She DID!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Claire and her family at Campania have been enthusiastic FIMBY folks since they started to develop their property over a year ago. When we were planning the vegie garden, Claire said "I want to grow enough tomatoes so I can bottle them and not have to buy any all year". Christina thought "good intention, we'll see what happens".

It hasn't been a great tomato season generally, but Claire's place is very sunny, has good airflow, attentive tending to the garden, nettle tea, seasol, bits of fish buried in each garden . ..

See what happened in Claire's own words, below:

"I conservatively estimate I have picked 23 x 4.5kg buckets of tomatoes.
A total of 103.5kg of tomatoes.
Coles are selling at $6.98/kg
So $722.43 to buy the equivalent.
Divided by 18 plants (who haven't produced equally) assuming equal contribution, that is $40 of tomatoes each.
I am guessing there are still at least 4 buckets of tomatoes still on the vines (4 x 4.5 x 6.98) = another $125.64 to come.
Estimated total yield, minus possum sampling = 121.5 kg ($848!)"

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