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1 Sep 2011

Lemon tree, very pretty!

Now is a great time for a Spring feed for your lemon tree.
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Posted by: christina

I just picked this box of lemons from my generous and prolific young lemon tree. Its in a sheltered spot that gets plenty of water and run-off from the vegie garden, and it gets a big feed of animal manure and compost twice a year, in Spring and Autumn.

Many lemon trees look a bit anemic towards the end of winter in Tassie, since the cold soil doesn't allow much nutrient uptake. So now is a good time for a feed and a bit of attention. Animal manures and compost are great, although dont spread fresh chicken manure directlly in the soil around the tree as it can burn the tender surface roots. If the leaves have dark veins and yellow spaces between the veins, your tree probably has a trace element deficiency. Some citrus food powder mixed up and watered on the tree should help.

While you're pampering your lemon tree, check for scale. These are little brownish bumps on the underside of leaves, and sometimes along the stems too. Use white oil or make your own home-made oil and spray carefully coating the underside of all leaves. The home made recipe is: 1 part oil from the pantry (eg canola) to 10 parts water plus a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Shake it up to emulsify, then spray.

Now, i'm off to make lemonade, and preserved lemons!

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