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19 Dec 2011


Amazing what people are happy to get rid of for nothing . . .
Category: General
Posted by: christina

We've always thought at FIMBY that there is a whole world of free resources for the scrounging if you have your eyes open, and if you have  UTE! Christina was lurking at the back of Nubco in Derwent Park the other day, waiting for help to load up some weld mesh (to keep rats away from the bunny babies - but that's another story!). While looking at the big pile of pine pallets next to the skip bin, she spotted this neat box in the stack.

"Mmmmm - lovely vegie box for someone . ..  would fit nicely in the ute" she thought. A quick word to the helpful forklift driver, and hey presto, one free planting box! Dot, who we met at FIMBY's workshops with Still Gardening volunteers, had mentioned that she needed something to plant some raspberry canes in, to stop them rampaging through the whole garden. So a quick trip to Dot's place, and a bit of women power to wrestle the box into position, and its ready to fill and plant.

Dontcha love a good scrounge story!

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