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14 Nov 2011

Golden beetroot how I love thee!

Beetroot aint just purple vinegary stuff in a can. Oh no!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Beetroot is one of our favorite vegies to grow and eat. Roast baby beetroot, warm beetroot salad, grated raw beetroot with carrot and crunchy seeds / nuts . . . . so good!

And its not all just purple either. There are many varieties available as seed in Tassie, including our favorite: Golden beetroot. Its beautiful gold colouring looks fantastic, especially when mixed with more standard purple types like detroit (pictured below). It still tastes very beetrooty -  but wont stain the table cloth!

There is an albino varitety also available which we have some seed for . . . better get some planted and see what that's like!

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