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17 Jan 2012

Here we go again

Yes, its zucchini time, and the inexorable rise of zucchini monsters is happening in a garden near you.
Category: General
Posted by: christina

This year i have 4 zook plants in the garden. WHAT WAS I THINKING? oh, yes, I wasn't (thinking). It was accidental. Came home from a client visit with a spare plant or two. Popped them in next to the fruit trees. Same thing happened again. Ooops!

we've done pretty well at harvesting them when they're small and delicious. But as you well know, it only takes a distraction of a few seconds and SPROINNNGGG there's a monster zook lurking beneath those prickly leaves.

In the last week we've had, for dinner, zucchini soup, zucchini slice, stuffed baked zucchini (with bacon and mushrooms, YUM), slow stewed zucchini with leeks, butter, basil and garlic (also particularly YUM). We also had an entre of grilled zook brushed with oil, garlic, basil and that was downright delish. tonight will have zook and bacon pasta sauce. we've also given away many succulent medium sized beauties to neighbours and passersby.

So, all that remains is to pickle them! Do you want to help, or bring some of your own to pickle? Then come along to the FOURTH annual FIMBY pickilng party. Saturday 11th February (so you've got time to grow a few whoppers!). All details to be posted soon.

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