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14 May 2012

Its raining its pouring

It was snowing on the mountain. What a great day for a working bee!
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Posted by: christina

These are the days that you tell stories about afterwards! We had a working bee organised at Springfield Gardens Primary School, to set up some extra garden beds in the school grounds. We had a few brightly coloured colorbond beds, a truck load of lovely old apple crates from Huonville, and a small group of hardy teachers and parents with shovels and tubs.

We needed a big pile of soil to fill the garden beds, two truck loads in fact. We carefully scoped out access, and delivered the beds and boxes to their various locations with the trusty FIMBY ute and Heather's trailer. However, when the 10 tonne truck arrived, we discovered that the ground, being wet and grassy, was way too slippery for safe transit of our soil. It was also waaay too far for wheelbarrowing.

So we improvised! Using the ute and trailer as large scale 'wheelbarrows', we managed to shift most of the soil. Fortified by delicious pumpkin soup for lunch, the crew also created some gorgeous birdcage like trellises in the some apple boxes, using black bamboo from someone's back yard.

What a day! What an amazing sturdy crew! What lucky students to have such dedicated teachers and parents!

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