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28 Sep 2012

Kiss my artichoke

Time for the gratuitous sexy artichoke photo
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Spring is in full swing in Hobart now, and in our garden Spring means artichokes, plus asparagus and pea tendrils!

We chose artichokes for our FIMBY logo because we like purple and green, and they are such handsome sexy architectural easy to grow plants. They are easy to grow from seed, but are very variable. One packet will produce purple, green, skinny, fat, spiky, smooth variations, no matter what the picture on the front shows.

One way to get a shape and colour that you like is to find a suitable parent plant in a friend's garden, and around March carefully dig out a few suckers that will be shooting from around the base of the old stem. These suckers can be planted and nurtured in Autumn, and should be producing flower heads the following spring.

Artichokes are a perennial that dies back in late summer. They like HEAPS of feeding!

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