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24 Feb 2013

That's a big one

Who says you need lots of experience to grow amazing vegies?
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Julia and Zoe in West Hobart are growing vegies in three new raised beds. They have been harvesting buckets and buckets of tomatoes, rocket, lettuce, carrots and BEETROOT! Sometimes they can only fit one or two beetroot in a bucket.

Growing gorgeous vegies for the famliy doesn't have to be laborious hard work. If you get the location and soil right, and plant things at the right time, and keep an eye on weeds and pests, you can enjoy your own home grown produce without too much heartache. Of course, there are always some things that don't go as well as planned, but these are just good opportunities to learn something.

Julia and Zoe are enrolled in our Garden Craft program, where FIMBY visits them once a month for a year, and works in the garden with them. We plant, weed, harvest and make compost together, and go through notes for the topic of the month. Its a wonderful way to learn as you garden, and get to know the specific needs of your own particular patch.

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