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8 Jul 2013

The rewards of patience

I thought that most of my peas and broad beans didn't germinate. I just needed to wait . . .
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Back in March or so I planted some climbing sugar snap peas, to grow through winter. They're doing very well. Then in April or May I planted some more peas, and some broad beans, thinking that with the warm soil they would get going well too.

Only a few seedlings emerged, even though the soil was much warmer than usual for that time of year. It was also much drier, and even though i gave the beds a water after planting, i didn't give them any more after that.

So I had pretty much accepted that i'd have to re-sow and fill the gaps in early Spring - an August planting. Then after the week or more of rain that we've had recently, I finally got out to the garden to see what was happening. Amazing what still grows in the cold (specially chickweed and other opportunistic weeds!).

AND - all the peas and broad beans that had been waiting underground have started to appear! You can see the new one on the lower right, compared to its siblings that were planted at the same time above the trellis. They must have needed a good soak. I don't think I planted them extra deep or anything, it was just unusually dry this Autumn.

So now I don't have to put in peas and broad beans for my early Spring planting. That just leaves potatoes for August!

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