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4 Mar 2009

Juliet is a grandma!

Juliet writes from Western Australia about her gorgeous new grand-daughter, Sienna.
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Posted by: christina
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What is Sienna - the colour of the earth?

A cryptic title in a vain attempt to make a connection with FIMBY when all I really want to do is brag about the arrival of my beautiful granddaughter, Sienna Juliet Foley born on February 4th, 2009! She is now four weeks old and thriving with all the love and attention she receives from everyone around her and the constant supply of food she is getting from her mother. I will behere in Western Australia with this new little family till mid April.

I feel very privileged to have been present at Sienna's birth and to have the opportunity to be here for the first few months of her life. I am in love with this little girl! It does feel rather strange not having my hands in the earth on a daily basis and to be removed from FIMBY as this business also begins to sprout into life, but Christina is more than capable of managing and I will never have the chance to have first time grandmother initiation again! I do hope to start a vegie garden for Kate Paul and Sienna, but they have to get permission from the landlord first. The soil is sand and that is a challenge for me as I am more used to Hobart clay. Interesting times ahead!



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