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3 Dec 2013

Feeling the lovage

I love a good garden exchange story.
Category: General
Posted by: christina

Nica from Romania moved to Hobart recently, and was missing the fresh lovage she could collect from friends for her Romanian sour soup. She was probably missing her friends too!

She found FIMBY by googling, and contacted me to see if she could purchase a lovage plant. I don't normally sell these but I have a good big plant happily doing its thing in the bottom of the garden, so I said she was welcome to come and get some, and the seeds when ripe. Tasting like a strong mixture of parsley and celery (and that dark seasoning sauce called "Magi" that we had when I was a child), lovage is outrageously easy to grow, and the plant I have was grown from a bit dug out from someone else's garden . . .

Thus the scene was set for a lovely garden exchange: Nica got some fresh lovage, some bits of root dug out to replant, and the promise of some seeds when they are ripe. And I got an authentic Romanian lovage soup recipe! And a nice chat on the veranda in the rain, swapping food and plant stories. Gardens are great like that!

If you're keen to try Nica's soup, its on our Recipe Page.

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