Categories: General
      Date: 14 Oct 2010
     Title: We came, we saw, we composted
Members of our network got some hands on experience making hot compost. Mmmmmm!

It was a sunny and gorgeous Saturday a few weeks back, and Spring was definitely in the air. Some of our FIMBY Network gang came along to a hot compost making demonstration at FIMBY propagation HQ in Taroona.

Little did they know that "demonstration" actually meant "you do the work". He he he he! The gang willingly got on with collecting greens from the jungle areas, chopping them up thoroughly, layering with straw and pelletised chook poo, and watering each layer carefully. An excellent effort and job well done!

After the hard work we walked around the corner to the Taroona Lounge Bar for a cuppa, but the delayed footy grand final foiled our plans. SO we jumped in our chariots and headed for the lovely Citrus Moon Cafe at Kingston Beach, and had a delish lunch and lots more chatting. Great fun!

And the post - demo report is that the compost heated up to 60 degrees celcius within a few days! phwoaarrrr!