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3 Feb 2010

Zook pickling - its on again.

Announcing the second GREAT FIMBY ZOOK PICKLING PARTY with bonus pasta making demonstration.
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Posted by: christina
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Yes its on again. Don't be intimidated by your prolific zucchini production - pickle them!

When: Wednesday 17th February, 6.30 pm

Where: Christina's place,  South Hobart

Why: because we can!

You bring: zooks (and beans  too)

We provide: pickling stuff, jars

Here's how it works: On arrival we slice the zooks and mix with the salt and stuff. Then put it aside to do its thing for an hour or so. While the pickles are pickling, we'll make some fresh pasta - hands on demonstration and practice for anyone who wants to learn, or wine-sipping and watching if that's more your style. Simultaneously we'll whip up a fresh herb and vegie sauce to go with the pasta! Then we'll have dinner. Any salad contributions welcomed. Once we've eaten, we'll finish the pickling process and bottle the pickles.

Numbers will be limited. Attendance for FIMBY Garden Crafters is free, although we'll ask for a small contribution to cover the cost of jars (50c per jar).

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