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We've been writing newsletters since our beginnings in late 2008. This batch of early ones are in pdf format for your downloading pleasure. Be aware that some of the file sizes are largeish. If you're after the most recent ones, scroll down and you'll find them. Enjoy!


Harvest 1 December 2009: (soil, garlic)


Harvest 7 November 2010: (Weeds, planting guide for December)
Harvest 2 March 2010: (Pumpkins, planting guide for April)
Harvest 3 May 2010: (Fruit trees, planting guide for May)
Harvest 4 June 2010: (Planting guide for June)
Harvest 5 September 2010: (Planting guide for September)
Harvest 6 October 2010: (Planting guide for Oct/Nov)






Harvest 8 January 2011: (Potatoes, planting guide for January)

Harvest 13 August 2011: (Planting guide for August)

Harvest 9 March 2011: (Planting guide for March)

Harvest 14 November 2011: (Planting guide for November, cages for seedlings)

Harvest 10 April 2011: (Individual netting of beds, planting guide for April)

Harvest 11 May 2011: (Planting guide for June/July)

Harvest 12 July 2011: (Planting guide for July)

Harvest 15 January 2012: (artichoke)


We had a bit of a break from newsletter writing in 2012, as you can see!

Now we've gone to a new email format for newsletters, so from here on you don't need to download large files.

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September 10th 2013: (peas, asparagus)

September 23rd 2013: (coriander pesto, low tech teepees)

October 8th 2013: (raised beds)

October 22nd 2013: (tomatoes)

November 5th 2013: (garlic)

November 19th 2013: (broad beans)

December 3rd 2013: (mulch, lemon tree, rhubarb)

December 18th 2013: (artichoke)


January 4th 2014: (potatoes, planting time)

January 14th 2014: Pesto, pumpkins and tomato bondage (pumpkin)

January 29th 2014: More pesto, hollyhocks and hot weather tips (weeds)

February 11th 2014: Biochar, zucchini anxiety and corn silk (corn)

February 26th 2014: Plums and copious preserving (planting)

March 11th 2014: Beans, pickling, sweeeeeeeeet corn (sweet corn)

March 26th 2014: Planting garlic, picking tomatoes, biochar trial (garlic)

April 8th 2014: Edible weeds, new seedlings emerging, amazing jam (garlic, baby spinach, broad bean babies)

April 29th 2014: Borlottis, broad beans, and taragon vinegar (borlotti beans, broad beans, manure)

May 13th 2014: Cape Gooseberries, wall sculpture, bay tree bargain (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower)

May 27th 2014: Rhubarb, local links, golden beetroot dip (rhubarb, asparagus)

June 10th 2014: Kiwi fruit, sweet potato, naked carrots (kiwi, strawberry)

July 11th 2014: Pea tendrils, taragon and borage (perennial herbs, borage)

August 8th 2014: Birthday cheer, broad bean bullies and a question (broad bean, soil blocking)

August 25th 2014: Vertical gardens, inspiring classes, planting pink-eyes (perennials)

September 10th 2014:Spring risotto, prickly bear's britches and carob trees (peas, vertical garden, carob)

September 23rd 2014: Pink lemonade, fab ienclosures, and the tomato question (tomatoes, carrots)

7th October 2014: Strateging weeding, bamboo filching, and more lovage (weeds, little greenhouse for one)

21st October 2014: The three sisters, broad beans and THE CALENDAR (corn, beans, squash

5th November 2014 Salad bar, living the dream, and Garden Fairy magic (compost))

17th Nov 2014: Garlic harvest, G & T gardening, artist as gardner (garlic)

1st December 2014: Rain, sexi kiwis, and red corn silk (mulch, kiwi, blueberry)

16th December 2014: Soil mix, chery slugs, and berry abundance (raised bed soil mix)


25 January 2015: Beans, pretty corn and pickled garlic (beans)

10th February 2015: Willow water, tarragon vinegar, and an embarrassing admission (February planting, rooting hormone)

25th February 2015: Crab apples, beautiful beans, and asparagus gender wars (asparagus, beans)

16th March 2015: Gardens to ogle, pea straw muster, and pumpkin harvest (pumpkin, lemon tree)

1st April 2015: Garden stories and a couple of good offers

15 April 2015: Tomato blues, groovy tools, and Romanian cabbage rolls

28 May 2015: Aloe Vera, Horse Poo, and Generosity (aloe vera)

12 June 2015: Sawdust, microgreens, and worm info (divide and plant perennials)

29 June 2015: Quince journey, rabbit proofing, and brussel sprouts (rabbit proofing)

14 July 2015: A message from the Goddess, and cypresses for sale (rabbit proofing)

29 July 2015: Upcycled pavers, fractal vegetables and a birthday party invitation (chickweed)

13 August 2015: Weed strategies, gnarly kiwi vine, and a sneak peek (weed)

28 August 2015: The carob babies, beautiful brambles, and biochar info sessions (leeks and daffodils leaves)

14 September 2015: The dream job, chop chop, overgrown broccoli (green manure)

1st October 2015: Beautiful Black and Pretty in Pink (compost, celeriac)

20th October 2015: Orchid bounty, dolmades, and an invitation

4th November 2015: Bamboo survivors, and plant sales galore (bamboo)

22nd November 2015: Naturally lovely stuff, and a good scrounge (mulch, garlic)

14th December 2015: Larry the lettuce, grassy history and a CAKE (lettuce, kiwi)


4th January 2016 Garlic, garlic, and garlic (sweet potato, three sisters: corn, beans, squash)

18th January 2016: Blueberries for picking, and Selling your Snails (stone fruit, tagasaste)

9th February 2016: Ugly plums, beautiful tomatoes, and fast urban jungle (plums)

24th February 2016: Inputs for cider, mushie compost and corn bling (corn)

17th March 2016: Saving the figs and strawberries running (strawberry, sweet potato)

15th April 2016: Going nuts, and more upcycling (artichoke)

3rd May 2016: Garlic seed for the tardy, and making baby asparaguses (asparaguses, mushrooms)

17th May 2016: Daikon bonus, and the best potting mix recipe (potting mix recipe)

6th June 2016: Gutsy green manure, and biochar workshop coming soon (green manure, updated potting mix recipe)

21st June 2016: Medlar medley and a parsley forest (lupins - food for soil, self seeding)

5th July 2016: Rhubarb leaf thief, and great big worms (dig and divide rhubarb crowns)

19th July 2016: Grasping the nettle, and marvellous mallow (nettle tea, tarragon propagation)

2nd August 2016: Gorgeous grapefruit, hardworking worms, and being the best client ever (planting time, compost)

31st August 2016: Birthday give-aways, and changes afoot (more humus into soils, ultimate wellness tool)

14th September 2016: Tracking the Spring, and drying nettles (nettles, buckwheat as organic matter, compost bed for tomato seedlings)

2nd October 2016: Nettle pasta and good grass roots (nettles, soil structure and workability)

19th December 2016: Hello again, and Happy Summer Solstice (garlic harvest, new rhubarb booze idea)


18th January 2017: Garlic goodness and glossy tomatoes (garlic, Indigo Rose tomatoes, good hard trim of mat-forming herbs)

3rd February 2017: Steampunk vegies and bumblebees (bumblebees population, ripening tomatoes,  sawdust as a surface mulch)

24th February 2017: Promiscuous flowers and pumpkin taste testing (Apiacaea family plants, pumpkins, indigo tomatoes)

13th March 2017: Territorial butterflies and local events (yummy tomato sauce, protecting brassicas)

23rd May 2017: We're back! Getting seedy and making babies (feijoa trees, propagation)

7th June 2017: Tassievore pizza and apple scrap vinegar (pizza gathering, growing your own sweet potato slips, apple vinegar)

21 June 2017: Mushroom muster, and Dark MOFO beans (mushroom compost, perennial climbing bean)

4 July 2017: Medlar magic and beeswax wraps (seed grown plants, medlar liqueur, beeswax wraps - "War on Waste")

26 July 2017: Biochar kiln campaign and pretty pictures (biochar - sequestering carbon for centuries)

8 August 2017: Treating coughs with nettle tea (nettles for tea, as garden fertiliser and as human food; delicious stock; spring flower event)

25 August 2017: Seeds for summer, and black broad bean beauty (germinating seeds indoors, growing broad beans and asparagus)

16 September 2017: No-dig garden rescue, and sprouting brussels (making a garden over the top of compacted clay, growing parsley for its root, brussels in spring)

21 October 2017: Tales from travels to Europe this month

24 December 2017: Berry vinegar, and Kevin the Quince (making berry vinegar, protecting tomato babies, enclosing a quince tree)


18 January 2018: Pickling, pollination, and propagation (cucurbit tribe pollination, artichoke propagation, increasing floral diversity using borage)

1 March 2018: Knobbly potatoes and working worms (separating and potting Aloe Vera, creating compost mix)

16 March 2018: Fresh parsnip seed and caged brassica babies (cultivating parsnip, carrot and beetroot, planting brassicas)

9 July 2018: Invitation to Wielangta Farm, and the love life of worms (winter vegetables, compost, feeding worms in a worm farm)

6 August 2018: Birthday invitation, brazen brassicas, hazelnut sexy times (hazelnut pollination, when and how to harvest brassicas)

21 August 2018: Birthday hugs, nettle pesto, abd coy cauliflowers (cauliflower protection, peeled broccoli stems)

6 September 2018: Quince journey update, and green garlic for free (keeping the branches of trees in horizontal position, growing garlic leaves, growing herbs)

17 October 2018: Tomato time and free hot water (tomato bed preparation, free energy)

1 November 2018: Treating sick tomatoes, and a pumpkin poster child (treating tomatoes with nettle 'tea' solution, protecting basil seedlings, growing Galeux D'Eysines pumpkin)

15 November 2018: Elderflower everything and and stylish tomato ties (training tomatoes to a single stake, tillers of sweet corn plants)

20 December 2018: Scape pickles and chive flower vinegar (harvesting scapes, infused vinegars)


4 January 2019: Corn silk magic and garlic confit ("walking" onions, corn pollination, winter vegetables in summer)

9 November 2019: Mushroom Compost last chance, and HELLO! (worms and bananas, mushroom compost)


24 March 2020: Garden love to you all: FIMBY News 24 March 2020 (minestrone recipe, Tasmanian East coastal foods, The Curious Farmer podcast)

29 May 2020: Nearly Winter, wahoo! (Growing lettuces from seedlings, Growing potato onions, The benefits of having dandelions in your garden).

28 July 2020: Weedy green salads and babies in cages (Winter salad, Different varieties of garlic, Japanese plums).

17 December 2020: Allium love and a weedy wonderland (Turning weeds into an asset, Harvesting garlic and potato  onions).


27 May 2021: Potato harvest and pollination blues (Kennebecs potatoes, Seneca corn, Self-sown seedlings).

5 July 2021: Worm palace and flame weeding: FIMBY News 5 July 2021 (Building a "worm palace", Weeding with a gas burner, How to make Limoncello).

4 August 2021: Elderberry lore and failed brussel sprouts (Coppicing the elderberry, Using beer to trap slugs).

31 August 2021: Mushroom growing workshops, and an update on some seed babies (Mushroom cultivation workshops, What to plant in early spring, Growing Carob and Feijoa trees from seeds, Limoncello experiments).

18 October 2021: Introducing 'The New Black Biochar' (Biochar from sawdust, Mushroom workshop, Food for soil).

8 November 2021: To market, to market - Cygnet and Farm Gate this weekend (Weeds as compost, Growing artichoke, Bearnaise sauce recipe).


26 January 2022: What's a weed? (Time to plant brassicas, Weed management, How to use cumbungi).

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