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25 Sep 2010


Yum yum yum we made cheese today!
Category: General
Posted by: christina

We've always known that the FIMBY network contains many talented people. So we've started to harness the power of our FIMBY mob, and today was a classic example. One of our customers, Claire Collins, hosted and lead a cheese making demonstration in her own kitchen.

Claire and Gary have been establishing themselves at their new farm in Campania over the last year or so. They've built a house, installed chickens, pigs, orchard and vegie beds, and are well on the way to realising their dream.

Above: Claire, Gary and son Adam (on left) with some of our FIMBY gang at the cheese workshop. The pigs are "pigging out" on leftover whey with stale bread soaked in it.

Claire is an entrepreneurial action woman, who has squillions of ideas and acts on most of them. She's selling her stinging nettles as gourmet tucker, and in return using kitchen scraps from restaurants to feed the pigs.

Today we watched (and tasted!) as Claire turned 8 litres of fresh whole milk from the dairy up the road into delicious sweet and creamy camembert, and ricotta. Ever tasted fresh made ricotta, still warm, with honey drizzled on top? MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm! YEAH!

It was an inspiring day, full of information, ideas exchange and laughter. Thanks Claire and Gary for hosting us. We look forward to the next workshop (CHEDDAR)!

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